—— Company profile ——


cixi mengyuan screen printing equipment business is a technical, one-stop service company stores. Consulting customers on screen printing technology, and integrating industry elite resources to help customers solve various problems.

At the same time to provide screen printing requirements of various materials, printing ink, large precision screen production, scraping, and so on. Especially for household glass ink and home grid version of better experience.

The company has a team of technical personnel: professional photo computer design; Professional precision web plate making; Professional ink color mixing and after-sale service. We are committed to customer productivity. We will always consider more for our customers.

Since its establishment in early 2008, the company has been operating diligently and focusing on details to ensure good quality for customers. Gain customer trust and support. Our business philosophy is: quality, service and you share win-win.

Project 1 of the company: the production of large-size precision screen printing plate 2.2 and below 4.2 meters can be made; Various printing inks and glass inks accurately color stable supply; Special effect ink: silver mirror, rainbow ink, chameleon ink, etc. Yi all screen printing plate printing consumables, photographic glue, scraping, solvent, etc.

Company project 2:3D printing series: 3D printing is a project invested in 2017. Its main business scope is the appearance printing of products such as home decoration, tooling, background wall, hanging painting, office painting, conference hall painting, financial drawing, enterprise culture hanging painting, product display board, mobile phone case, packaging box, etc. Printing materials: glass, metal, tile, acrylic board, kT board, bamboo and wood fiber board, all kinds of plastics, all kinds of new materials for environmental protection. Printing is in response to state directives to be "greener".

The company has tens of thousands of drawings for customer reference, customers can also provide patterns, personalized customization for customers. Provide faster service and quality for customers!

—— Team to introduce ——

Professional graphic computer design

With a solid foundation of fine arts and profound artistic accomplishment, based on computer technology, design art and computer technology combine, a new means of artistic creation.

Professional precision web plate making

The professional network plate manufacturing team, has the photosensitive paste direct platemaking method, the photosensitive diaphragm direct platemaking method two direct platemaking method and direct indirect platemaking method and indirect platemaking method.

Professional ink color mixing and after-sale service

All kinds of printing inks and glass inks accurately color stable supply, for customers to provide faster service and quality