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What are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne paint and oil-based paint

According to the characteristics of paint, they can be divided into waterborne paint and oil paint, waterborne paint and oil paint is not the same, what are the advantages and disadvantages of waterborne paint and oil paint respectively? If you want to know, you can discuss a detailed introduction of the relevant professional knowledge in the following.

What are the pros and cons

1. Waterborne paint

It is more convenient to use, and it is not easy to produce a large number of bubbles and other common faults of oily paint. Waterborne wood paint has relatively low harm and little pollution. Because it is waterborne paint for paint, there is no poison, so the enterprise use up environmental protection; Waterborne woodwork paint is not easy to turn yellow and has good water resistance. Can rust, do not have to worry about the problem of rust after students encounter water, and very high temperature resistance, can be placed by placing a very hot items we in the above; Can be used with latex paint and other paint needs at the same time.

One component waterborne paint in hardness, high temperature resistance and other aspects of the two component oil paint or a certain gap. If the hardness is not enough, it is easy to produce scratches inadvertently, affecting the beauty of the article. A table, for example, accidentally leaves a trail of its own nails on it, making the table unattractive to begin with. Or on the floor, shoe tip things, especially some iron jewelry on women's shoes, it is easy to scratch the hardness of the floor. This is also a relatively large hindrance to the development of waterborne paint.

2. Oily paint

Good protection function. Of course, oil paints are antiseptic, waterproof, oil-proof, chemical-resistant, light-resistant and heat-resistant. Exposure to the atmosphere, the object is eroded by oxygen and water, resulting in metal corrosion, wood decay, cement weathering and other damage phenomena. It can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these damage phenomena and prolong the service life of various materials by coating the surface of the object with oily coating to form protective film. Therefore, protection is one of the main functions of oily paint.

Decoration is powerful. Oily paint has the characteristics such as color, glossiness, design and flat sex. Objects of different materials coated with oil coating, can be colorful, colorful appearance, to beautify the human living environment, material life and spiritual life play a role that can not be ignored.

Oil paints also have marking, antifouling, insulation and so on. Compared with the first two effects, this effect is becoming more and more important for modern oily paints. Some modern oil-based paints can provide a variety of special functions.

Oily smell of paint is relatively large, contains strong smell excitant odour, including gas contains a large number of harmful substances, may do harm to people's health, will make the use of 1 to 2 months after the strong excitant odour to evaporate into the basic odourless, need to use banana oil, water as diluent, that day contains a lot of harmful carcinogens benzene, xylene, etc.