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How to view the difference of printing ink color?

Ink material polypropylene filter material consists of pigments, pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments, one is clear color, strong color, short drying time, is a widely used ink, such as azo pigments and phthalocyanine pigments; The latter has higher light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and concealment, such as titanium dioxide, cadmium red, chromium migraine and infrared ray. It is a prepared solution and the state of the colored molecules, its effect is not as good as pigments, pigments can give ink different colors and color concentration, so that the ink has a certain viscosity and dryness.

The color of PP powder tool printing ink is often not consistent, usually in a color required by the user, such as light gray, light brown or brown, dark green, dark brown, some colors are consistent in printing, dry ink changes in a few days, some color shades are different, the hiding power is not enough.

The main cause of PP white matter in this case is ink mixing, and some presses do not have chromatimeters or reflective densimeters. Medium yellow and other colors. Manufacturer's production conditions and raw materials are not the same, color defects, such as magenta, violet, red and sky blue parts, for example, some red, some green, some yellow, red and green. By diluting thinner weights and lighter weights, use white ink to increase buoyancy, which may increase color.