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Classification of screen yarns in screen printing industry

In silk screen printing and manufacturing industry, Chiffon is used for screen printing, and the screen mesh number of chiffon is selected according to the rules of printed matter. "Screen mesh number" is the specification model enterprise of wire mesh, which refers to the number of holes on the length of one foot (25.4mm). Mm means a simple unit of length. Screen Printing Screen Printing, Ningbo Silk Printing Ink Factory

Because the wire mesh system has relative standard specifications, different sizes of screen mesh number of wire mesh has the required diameter, so it is easy to tell the different mesh number of wire mesh, each hole will not be the actual wire spacing.

Chiffon is divided into two textile methods, PW means plain weaving TW means skew weaving is divided into milky white and light yellow: W = milky white Y = light yellow.

At present, Chiffon used in ink printing industry mostly uses SEFAR of France, Sandy of Spain, NBC and Simat of Japan, such as Hehuang of Zhongshan City and Hutai of Guangzhou City.

1) Single yarn Chiffon (polyester) is suitable for silk printing inks such as silk printing mills, clothing factories, leather silk printing inks, plexiglass boards, plastic control panels, etc. The polyester silk screen is made of organic chemical man-made fibers and belongs to the polyester system. Polyester screen has the advantages of water washing resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. When the external pressure is high, the process performance of polyester screen is stable and the drawing property is small. Its shortcoming is that the wear resistance of nylon wire mesh is weaker than that of nylon wire mesh. In addition to the advantages of printing with polyester ink, polyester screen is also suitable for printing printed circuit boards with high dimensional precision.

2) Screen printing is made of organic chemical man-made fibers and belongs to nylon 6 series. Nylon screen has high compressive strength, good abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and ductility, because the wire spacing is symmetrical, the surface is smooth, so the basis of printing ink is also very good. Its insufficiency is that nylon wire mesh has great stretchability. This kind of wire mesh in the tension after a period of time, support and then reduce, so that the screen plate relaxation, precision reduction. Therefore, it is not suitable for printed circuit boards with high precision.

3) Stainless steel wire mesh is made of stainless steel plate. The characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh are good wear resistance, high compressive strength and low technical elongation; because of the fine wire spacing, the basic characteristics of printing ink are good; the physical and organic chemical properties of metal wire mesh are stable, and the specifications precision is stable. Its insufficiency is poor ductility and high price. After stretching the wire mesh, it can not be restored to normal. Stainless steel screen is suitable for high-precision packaging printing such as circuit board and integrated circuit chip.

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